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Kerala Flood Disaster Appeal

Our Home Orphanage

On 8 August 2019, the Indian state of Kerala was hit by devastating monsoon rains that caused severe flooding, leaving at least 121 dead. Our Home Community orphanage suffered serious damage to the girls' home, resulting in the loss of most of their personal goods and clothing. The girls' home has been condemned by government officials and needs to be redesigned and rebuilt. The boys' home has been affected, but not as severely. The girls had to evacuate their home immediately, and later the boys were also ordered by government officials to evacuate their home. It seems that the Indian government officials have given a deadline for the rebuilding of the girls home within a certain timeframe, otherwise the orphanage license will be cancelled and the children will be taken to government juvenile homes.

The cost of rebuilding the girls' home is high. Firstly, thousands of tons of mud and debris must be removed using heavy machinery - an expensive exercise. Then there will be costs relating to the redesign and rebuilding of the girls' home.

Please assist by going to Our Home Community and clicking on the orange Donate button. Thank you very much!

Please see the following report by Chacko Mathew who started Our Home and please share with your social networks:

An update on the situation at Our Home orphanage - rebuilding of the girls' home has commenced to the point of laying the foundations on a new piece of land, but building has stopped due to the Covid-19 situation in Kerala. Thankfully, all the children are being kept in temporary accommodation at Our Home until the building can be completed. Thanks to all who contributed to this cause!

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ZeroTier delivers a virtual networking solution that is aptly named Global Area Networking. This enables devices to connect to one another over the Internet (and private networks) as though they were connected on the same Local Area Network (LAN). It is very simple to deploy - just install the ZeroTier One software and join a ZeroTier network using the network's 16-digit network ID.

ZeroTier networks are set up and configured on a ZeroTier network controller. You can either use the network controllers hosted by ZeroTier or set up your own standalone network controller. Setting up a standalone network controller is quite simple - just install the ZeroTier One software and follow these instructions to install ztncui on a Linux machine or just try out the Docker image which includes ZeroTier One.